Boost web application performance and security

Technology companies must deliver their software to online users as fast and reliably as possible if they want to remain competitive. But unfortunately, standard internet protocols do not allow for consistent, high-performance software delivery to a global audience.
At CDNetworks, we boost your web application performance and improve the response time of your applications. Our technology can scale web application delivery to audiences of any size without the need for extra capital expenditure.

  • We speed up the delivery of applications by increasing the TCP throughput and maintaining open connections, reducing the number of round-trips and accelerating application response time
  • We protect web applications from threats, attacks and hacks, including DDoS attacks, data breaches and insecure access points
  • We ensure consistent, high performance software delivery to anywhere in the world, scaling to meet audience needs without extra hardware or expenditure. 

Web Application Acceleration




Web application performance

Speeds up the delivery of web applications by increasing TCP throughput and maintaining a pool of open connections. By significantly reducing the number of round-trips, CDNetworks accelerates application response time and avoids latency traditionally caused by standard internet protocols. 

Web application security

Protects applications from cyberattacks, including DDoS, data breaches and data loss. It defends insecure access points and ensures the delivery of high performing, secure, web applications. 

No CapEx

Ensures web applications are scalable without the need for extra hardware and expenditure to support spikes and peaks in traffic. 

Is your web performance of your application suffering?
Get in touch and see how we can improve the web performance of your application.
Suitable Products
Cloud Load Balancer
Cloud DNS
Dynamic Network Acceleration
Dynamic Web Acceleration
Web Application Firewall
Premium Support


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