Accelerate the delivery of your online trading platform

Online traders all around the world expect 100 per cent reliability and ultra-low latency from their online trading service. Responsiveness is key to the success of your trading platform as traders who experience delays also suffer from huge losses and quickly abandon the platform.

Speed is particularly vital to foreign exchange as slow updates can put the business at risk of arbitrage: exploiting the difference caused by exchange rate delays to make profit. Every millisecond really does count. A Forex platform must be real-time or it will not survive.

CDNetworks accelerates online trading to ensure your platform is fast, reliable and secure no matter where a trader is in the world. Online trading sites rely on our high-speed global network and dynamic web acceleration to optimise time-sensitive transactions for users.

CDN for Forex Acceleration

Global reach for forex platforms including China

All growing businesses seek to expand their global presence and to reach new customers. Unlike others, our global CDN reaches 99 per cent of the world in just a few milliseconds, eliminating trade latency. This acceleration requires a complex set up of points of presence across the globe - including hard-to-reach markets such as China and Russia.

Cloud security for online trading

Security is key to protecting financial transactions. We ensure you are protected against DDoS attacks, business abuse and hijacking while ensuring your site is robust and trading application functionality is performing to the highest standard possible.

Data security and regulatory compliance

CDNetworks ensures your financial data and related content is safely delivered through an encrypted secure socket layer (SSL) channel.

PCI certified

CDNetworks is PCI certified, so we can ensure your platform is compliant with the highest level of security standards.

Scalability for forex traders

CDNetworks provides full scalability for your website or platform, scaling applications and content with no additional capital expenditure. Our scalability also means we can manage both predicted and unexpected spikes in trade volume.

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