Avoid bad reviews caused by lag and connection issues

Gamers are a notoriously impatient group of consumers, quick to anger and prone to action en masse if the services they demand are not up to scratch.

Online gaming requires fast reactions and sometimes over a hundred mouse click each minute - a robust and fast CDN is vital to maintain a good experience.

CDNetworks accelerates online gaming to keep gamers online and lag-free.

CDN for Online Gaming

Optimising downloads and applications

More complex games demand ever-larger files and more from the networks delivering these files. Large downloads can be optimised to ensure that data delivery is fast, and dynamic data accelerated so the most up-to-date information is available.

Minimise lag around the globe for online games

Some markets are especially prone to delays and poor connectivity. CDNetworks minimises lag time in every market, and delivers the best experience possible to players around the world.

Scaling without CAPEX for game launches

A game’s launch will likely be its busiest time - it’s also when gamers will decide whether to commit, but too much unexpected load can cause outages. Avoid being the next to suffer highly-damaging ‘problems at launch’ headlines by scaling to meet demand, without investing in the infrastructure needed to meet this one-time peak demand.

Load balancing for spikes in player numbers

Player numbers are unpredictable - massive spikes can mean performance degradation and being a victim of your own success. With CDNetworks content delivery policies based can be specified based on real-time conditions and targets. Performance, availability and efficiency do not need to be compromised in order to meet gamers’ expectations.

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