Accelerate the delivery of your media content anywhere in the world

With more and more users demanding engaging TV and video experiences, media and entertainment companies have never been under more pressure to ensure high-speed delivery of their content, around the world.

Furthermore, not only does rich content, videos and images need to be optimised for a range of devices - from TV to laptops, smartphones and tablets - downloading multimedia content, such as videos, photos, document and audio files, needs to be quick and hassle-free. 

CDNetworks’ media acceleration CDN provides media and entertainment businesses with the tools they need to efficiently manage the fast, high quality delivery of video and media content. 


HTTP live streaming

Media and entertainment companies often struggle to maintain fast video streaming speeds - yet today’s viewers expect their content to load within just a few seconds. From full-featured streaming videos to in-stream ads, CDNetworks accelerates the delivery of dynamic media files to viewers around the world, enabling media and entertainment companies to provide viewers with an immersive and engaging video experience.

Media acceleration

CDNetworks accelerates the download of media files supporting a wide range of content and applications, in both dynamic and static forms. 

Fast delivery of online advertising

Whether you publish adverts on your own website, or deliver on behalf of other companies, CDNetworks supports the delivery of dynamic, targeted advertising. While our management portal provides easy access to traffic statistics, making it easier to refine your advertising strategy, we also ensure you retain your viewers and obtain high web traffic in order to maximise your ad revenue. 

Intelligent load balancing for media delivery

Gives media and entertainment companies complete flexibility in their content delivery strategy. Whether it is determining content delivery policies based on real-time conditions or end-user targets, you can react to market-specific conditions while ensuring you never compromise the viewing experience, availability, or operational efficiency. 

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