Ensure your website is fast and secure worldwide

Within the manufacturing industry, many users have the same expectations as consumers when it comes to website performance, where a slow-performing website will not only damage reputation, but may even cause you to lose out on revenues.

Furthermore, if you are supporting and managing orders for your international customers via your website, high performance is key not only for your business, but for your customers’ business as well. 

CDNetworks ensures that your website is fast and secure and supports your international customers.

Businesses from all industries and sectors experience cyber attacks on an almost daily basis, so while the manufacturing industry may seem like it is not the traditional target for attacks, you can be hit like anyone else. 

CDN for manufacturing websites

High performance for manufacturing websites and order portals

A high performing website is key to maintain your reputation and keep your customers happy. CDNetworks’ global CDN eliminates latencies and improves the speed of your website and customer portals. 

Reach customers and partners in China with your website

China is a fast growth market and one that should be taken seriously in the manufacturing industry. With points of presence in mainland China, we facilitate communication between global manufacturers and partners in China and across Asia.

Cloud security for your web presence

CDNetworks ensures safe and fast access to your customer portals. Furthermore, we protect both your and your customers’ data by applying and supporting leading security methods and standards.  

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