SaaS and cloud services optimisation for distributed users

Delivering Software-as-a-Service and Cloud Services without acceleration often means a poor experience for users - thanks to slow load times and unresponsiveness.

Standard internet protocols were not designed with delivering applications in mind. Acceleration is vital for a good user experience.

CDNetworks’ content delivery network has been designed to accelerate all forms of content, including application delivery.

By accelerating applications, load times and responsiveness will no longer adversely affect productivity, service adoption - and ultimately the SaaS provider’s bottom line. Instead, users across the globe have access to fast, reliable, secure and responsive applications in milliseconds.


Best web performance for your SaaS and cloud solutions

CDNetworks delivers optimised SaaS and cloud applications all across the globe, creating a seamless experience on a par with locally-installed software. The latency caused by standard internet protocols is circumvented, reducing lag and delivering the fastest performance level possible. Reduce support calls due to stability and performance concerns - and ultimately improve customer loyalty and divert support resources to more productive avenues.

Fast download times for your software

Ensure fast download times for your software and offload traffic.

Cloud security for web applications

Protect your applications from data theft, DNS hijacking, DDoS or other cyber attacks. Sensitive business data needs to be protected if customers are to trust Cloud-based applications and ensure and data security for your customers’ data

Scalability and load balancing

Distributed users mean spikes and surges outside of the normal nine-to-five. Scale cloud applications to meet your needs, without investing on additional data centres and other infrastructure. CDNetworks can dynamically and intelligently scale software and application delivery to meet this demand. Policies can be based on real-time conditions to react to any conditions without compromising on performance, availability, and efficiency. 

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